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  • Newsletter 9/24/09

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    Last Update 9/24
    Voyager of the Seas. 7 NIGHT cruise from Galveston has a starting price of $529.88 including taxes on Jan 10th, Jan 24th, Feb 7th, Feb 21st and March 7th. This is $300 less than the other dates. I don't believe you will find a better deal.

    Carnival also is offering special prices out of Galveston, offering two itineraries. See below for itineraries.

    With the economy poor and worries about drug wars on the Mexican border and swine flu the travel industry has been hard hit. Every cruise line and travel vendor is offering some type of price break for travel until the end of the year with some extending into the first quarter of 2010. We have seen higher prices right now for the first quarter compared to sailing before the end of the year. (The above shows what has changed in the last week.)

    If you have travel plans for that period book now because prices are low with upgrades plentiful.

    THE HOTEST CRUISE TREND IS RIVER CRUISES. They have existed for a long time in Europe but are now moving worldwide. These are destination cruises in that you are stopping a lot to see the towns and cities on the river. In addition to meals, many river cruises include shore excursions and wine with meals. So their prices might appear higher but include more. Come in and let us help you plan a great trip. The Avalon Cruises representative says their river cruises in Europe are selling better than last year.

    Royal Caribbean will be sending the Voyager from Barcelona, Spain to Galveston on November 29, 2009. It is a 14 night Transatlantic crossing and stops at Cartegena,Spain, Madeira, Portugal, LaPalma, Canary Islands and Miami, Florida. Cost is from $805.32 which includes taxes and government charges but does NOT include airfare to Barcelona.

    This is a very relaxing alternate to flying from Europe after a business trip or heavy sightseeing tour.
    Carnival is still the only cruise line sailing weekly from Galveston. The Conquest sails every Sunday on a 7 day vacation. The cruise has alternate destinations. Once a month she sails to Key West, Florida and Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas. The other weeks the Conquest sails to Montego Bay, Grand Gayman and Cozumel.

    The Ecstasy sails on 4 and five day cruises to Cozumel and Progresso and Cozumel, respectively.

    Good rates still available through Dec on
    both ships. The cruise lines are hoping they can get the prices back up next year.
    So take that quick trip now.
    Everyone FLYING outside of the United States will need a passport effective NOW!  Yes, Mexico and Canada are outside the USA.  HOWEVER, those traveling to the CARIBBEAN by ship are being kept to the old requirements. Cruisers, departing and returning to the same port in the USA, will still just need proof of citizenship, i.e., a birth certificate,  and photo ID. This means traveling by cruise ship from/to Galveston,  or any USA port, to the Caribbean will NOT require a passport this summer.

    You still do NOT need a passport to visit the U.S.Virgin Islands or Hawaii.

    We still advise a passport NOW.  Imagine leaving from any US port and having to get home for an emergency. You might get home but imagine the hassle you will get along the way without a passport.
    We have applications in our office.

    CELEBRITY CRUISES has a super cruise Balcelona to Venice. It is 11 nights and visits France, Italy (4 ports), Greece (2 ports) and Dubrovnik, Crotia. Two in our office staff just returned and would be happy to discuss with you. It was a truly great trip.
    In June two in our office took a 12 night Baltic cruise on Azamara. We boarded in Copenhagen, Denmark and visited Warnemunde (tour to Berlin); Helsinki,Finland with a great local market; St.Petersburg, Russia a truely magnificient city built entirely after 1702, Tallin, Estonia well preserved city from 1154 with very interesting architecture, Stockholm, Sweden with 1000s of islands in the archipeligo. The itinerary for 2009 is slightly different.Call Pauline if you have any interest 409-866-7022 See our blog.
    CHINA is changing very rapidly. There is still the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Xian Terra Cotta Soldiers, Gailian, Singapore, Bejing, Hong Kong and much, much more to see. See the Terra Cotta Soldiers in Houston at the Natural History Museum NOW.

    We always have specials on specific sailings.
    Call to see if we can find something for your specific date.


    NCL has the best Hawaii itinerary. NO PASSPORTS REQUIRED. Seven nights in the Hawaiian Islands with overnights in Maui & Kauai.


    Beaumont Travel Consultants is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Disney was one of the top rated cruise lines by Conde Nast in Dec 2008. We can find the best package for your family. At Disney Cruise or DisneyWorld we have packages to meet your needs.


  • Ron Baumer

    6/18/20141:46:04 PM

    The first week of the month we took a tour of Eastern California. We have been to Calif many times but not to this part. We flew to Los Angeles and rented a car. We arrived at the Queen Mary retired cruise liner in Long Beach mid afternoon. After a quick bit to eat we toured of the ship on our own as all scheduled tours closed about 5pm. We had a dinner scheduled for 6:45 so took shower and dressed up a superb dinner in the Winston Grill. The cabin was larger that on todays ship but we think it was a suite on the original cruises and it did not look modified. The next morning we had a late start heading for Malibu to see the coast and the homes. It took us out of our way to Visalia close to Fresno and we arrived about 3Pm as we had planned. Visalia was selected for the view of the Central Valley were a large portion of the crops for the US are grown. The Valley look very dry which was confirmed by a sign on farm that read"no water! No jobs." They are busily making expensive contracts for water this year. Pauline had distant relatives in Visalia, both in time and space. We made the right time to go because on of the 3rd cousins was being promoted from 8th grade to HS, which the entire family had gathered for a celebration. We met more relatives and had a great time. On our second day there we were taken to Sequoia National Park (NP) to see some of the 5 largest trees in the world - the giant redwoods. In the valley the temperature was 108F but in the Park on the high 80s. For the first hour to the drive it was through the upper valley. The walnut tree and orange tree farms were mile after mile - no exaggeration. Plus, there were large groves of grape vines for wine, eating and raisins. Plus, scattering of olive groves and persimmons. Only thing I have every seen like it were the sugar cane field in Mauritius. After Visalia we drove north to Yosemite. We had lunch at the lodge in the park which had great views and good food. That night we ate in Groveland and were not impressed. The next day we went back into Yosemite and took the north route over the Sierra Nevada mountains. This trip was very pleasant. The elevation went over 9000 ft with lake and snow to the top of the lake. Of course, lots of trees even a couple of small redwoods. Once over the mountain we headed south for Death Valley NP. Temperature was 124F when we got to Furnace Creek Ranch. It was so hot that the ranch did not have hot water. The cold water was warm enough to bath. There are some great vistas of DV plus the cliffs of The Artist Canyon. In this canyon there are layers of different colors of sandstone that offer a beautiful array of mixed colors. The next day we head for Las Vegas and a trip home the next day. You can do this trip on your own to take a tour offered by several companies, e.g, Tauck, Globus and Trafalgar all offer many tours of the USA.

  • Southwest Airlines Terminal

    1/2/20174:08:51 PM

    6/15/2016 The new Southwest terminal is busy now. Kind of congested at the security check but moved very fast. On return a very fast immigration check-in - just slide your passport through a reader and go. Customs is still busy but everyone was friendly. Ron

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