2020: 2 Nights Venice, 4 Nights Florence & 2 Nights Rome (DIQ6)

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears…' Perhaps you're heard this famous Shakespearean line. We're not entirely sure, but we suspect he was about to say, 'Monograms has made it easy for visitors to come to Rome-as well as Florence and Venice.' In fact, on this Italy trip, we've arranged your hotel reservations, sightseeing, daily breakfast, transportation between cities, and transfers from/to your hotels to/from the train station. Plus, a one-of-a-kind feature is the Monograms Local Host, someone who is there throughout your stay to help you feel comfortable, answer questions, offer suggestions, and help make sure your Italy vacation runs smoothly. You'll have a Local Host in Venice, Florence, and Rome.

Your Italy vacation begins in Venice, where we can pick you up at the airport and take you to your selected hotel. Here, your Local Host will greet you with a warm benvenuto and a set of materials to help familiarize you with the city. The next morning, after included breakfast, we'll pick you up at your hotel for guided sightseeing with a local expert. We'll show you St. Mark's Square and Basilica, as well as Doges' Palace, the very symbol of Venice, and the Bridge of Sighs. We've also arranged for you to watch skilled glassblowers as they work on their creations, and we've included entrances to the Marciana Library, and the Correr and Archaeological Museums. In Florence, your walking tour with a local expert includes the must-see attractions, such as Michelangelo's David and the Ponte Vecchio, the arched, stone merchant bridge that has housed stores since the 13th century. In Rome, your guided tour with a local expert includes the attractions you must see in Rome, including the Vatican Museums; the Sistine Chapel, where you'll see Michelangelo's The Last Judgment; St. Peter's Square and Basilica, built in 313 AD; the Colosseum, opened in 80 AD and famous for the gladiator fights; and the Roman Forum, where you'll see the oldest structures of the ancient city.

In each city, you'll have time to explore on your own. In Venice, perhaps enjoy a Vivaldi concert performance; take a ghost walking tour; enjoy a ride in a traditional gondola serenaded by live music; shop for a Venetian carnival mask; grab a drink at Harry's Bar, one of Hemingway's favorite haunts; or visit one of the many churches. In Florence, perhaps take an excursion to Sam Gimignano, Italy's most famous medieval town, and Verrazzano Castle, where you'll taste Tuscan wine; learn to make gelato; or shop for some Florentine gold jewelry. Rome offers endless possibilities. Perhaps visit one of the many museums, shop at the Italian fashion boutiques along the Via Condotti, take a ghost or walking tour, and enjoy Italian cuisine at one of the many local restaurants.

And don't forget?your Italy trip includes transportation on the high-speed train (first-class) between the cities. We've even included the transfers so we'll pick you up at your hotel, take you to the train station, get you on the correct train, pick you up at the next train station, and bring you to your hotel in the next city. Plus, sightseeing includes VIP access, which means you get to skip the lines at the attractions, such as the Vatican Museums, the Colosseum, and the Roman Forum. That saves over four hours of time just in Rome. That doesn't include all the time we've saved you by handling your vacation details-not to mention the time saved by having a Local Host there to assist you rather than reading guidebooks and trying to figure it out on your own. This trip to Italy is a vacation of a lifetime!

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Tour Operator
Offer valid through 6/30/2020
9 Days
Escorted - No
Day 1VeniceBenvenuto-welcome! Your Local Host is available to help you maximize your time in this famous car-free city, built entirely upon the water.
Day 2VeniceMorning guided sightseeing, with headset, features ST. MARK'S SQUARE and BASILICA with its exceptional gold mosaics. Visit DOGE'S PALACE and the poignant BRIDGE OF SIGHS. Watch skilled GLASSBLOWERS fashion their delicate objects in the age-old manner, and learn why glass-making was so important in Venetian history. ENTRANCES to Marciana Library, and the Correr and Archaeological Museums are included; ask your Local Host for details.
Day 3FlorenceTravel by HIGH-SPEED TRAIN (first class) to Florence.
Day 4FlorenceMorning guided sightseeing, with headset, includes a visit to the ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS with Michelangelo's original David (the Academy is replaced with the Duomo Museum on Mondays and on the first Sunday of each month). Walk through Piazza del Duomo; sculpture-studded Piazza della Signoria, the center of the city's political life since the 14th century; and Santa Croce Square. Also admire medieval Ponte Vecchio, the arched, stone merchant bridge spanning the Arno River.
Day 5FlorenceYour Local Host can help you organize your two days at leisure in this splendid Renaissance city.
Day 6FlorenceYour Local Host can help you organize your two days at leisure in this splendid Renaissance city.
Day 7RomeTravel by HIGH-SPEED TRAIN (first class) to Rome.
Day 8RomeYour morning guided sightseeing, with headset, is rich in religious and ancient history. Visit the VATICAN MUSEUMS to see amazing treasures. In the SISTINE CHAPEL, where the Conclave is held to elect new popes, view Michelangelo's The Last Judgment and his famous ceiling paintings. Also on the agenda today, enter monumental ST. PETER'S SQUARE and BASILICA, built in 313 AD above St. Peter the Apostle's tomb and home to Michelangelo's masterpiece Renaissance sculpture, the Pieta. Cross the Tiber River and continue your immersion in history at the iconic COLOSSEUM, built for 50,000 spectators, and the ROMAN FORUM, where the oldest structures of the ancient city are located.
Day 9RomeYour vacation ends with breakfast this morning.

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